Remote Desktop Sessions

When things go bad with your technology, our Help Desk team is there to get you back to work.

Our experienced professionals are always available to provide Remote Assistance which means they can diagnose and fix your problem without having to schedule someone to come out to your location…saving you both time and money.

We use a screen sharing tool called TeamViewer to allow Help Desk support staff to remotely troubleshoot your issue. TeamViewer is used to better understand your issue and reduce the time needed to solve it. You will be able to see everything that is done while support staff are accessing your computer and nothing will be viewed without your permission. Once the problem is resolved, access will be stopped and entry will not be gained again without you initiating it.

Multichannel support

Choose the one which your customer prefers.
  • vmware
  • onapp
  • amazon web services
  • odin

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