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4 reasons why companies are moving to amazon web services

Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive on-demand cloud computing platform from Amazon. Launched in 2006 from Amazon’s internal infrastructure, AWS delivers a mix of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), packaged Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Providing services from specific data centers across the world, an AWS user can spin up virtual machines and replicate data to attain highly reliable infrastructure with reduced errors and individual server failures –

In short, cloud computing is a simple way to access servers, databases, storage and various application services over the Internet. Amazon Web Services (AWS) owns and maintains the network-connected hardware required for the above-mentioned services. While this may seem like a tall order for those new to AWS, they needn’t worry! Businesses can outsource AWS setup and support services to experts, thereby enjoying its benefits without having to invest in a new team.

Today, there’s a notable increase in the number of companies moving from traditional IT solutions to AWS. Here we have enlisted some of the main reasons why so many companies are utilizing Amazon Web Services as their reliable cloud computing platform.

  1. Cost – Pay-per-use is an attractive pricing model for both established firms and start-ups alike. AWS helps start-ups to leverage high-end technologies with zero capital expenditure (Zero CapEx). Start-ups and other companies can now leverage high-end technologies such as Oracle for database management in an hourly priced model with no up-front cost. Users with highly variable computing needs can also realize significant savings with their IT costs.

  2. Commitment-Free – No matter what AWS your business is using, there’s absolutely no commitment to get locked into. Whether you require a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or a Data Warehousing Service (DWS), there’s no minimum spend to use these services. Above all, their services are charged by the hour and you will not be billed from the minute you terminate the service or storage from the server.

  3. Secure – With enhanced and robust security features, AWS is sure to harden the security of a company’s physical, operational and technical infrastructure. 24*7 access to data experts, services to track user access, built-in firewall, multi-factor authentication and encrypted data storage capabilities are some of the key features of AWS that ensures extra safety and security to your organization

  4. Scalability – Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, AWS can be ramped up or down based on your demand. Firms experiencing a large spike in traffic can scale their application or minimize it using AWS tools like Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling. This way it grows with your business.Do you want to move from a traditional hosting environment to Amazon Web Services? For outsourced customer support services and your AWS setup needs, log on to Aress – the complete package for outsourced AWS setup and support services and other IT support services

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