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5 things to remember when starting a helpdesk for providing support to your customers

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Congratulations to you if you are about to launch a helpdesk customer support, it means your business has grown to a certain size and that you are serious about keeping and growing your customer base. Here are 5 things to remember just as you start out –

  1. Choose a good Helpdesk Application – It is important to get a good helpdesk solution. It’s a good idea to get a hosted solution which is not on the same server as your website. Also, get one which will let you form different queues so that the tickets can be moved to appropriate queues as they come. A helpdesk with features like Tagging and Flagging etc is a good option.

  2. Man the helpdesk in the hours promised – Make sure the helpdesk is manned for atleast the hours you have said it will be on your website, whether it is 9 to 5 or 24x7 support. Make sure tickets are responded within the promised SLA and when they are getting delayed, you should send updates to keep your customers looped in at all times. If you don’t have the time or the people to manage your helpdesk, outsource your helpdesk. But don’t settle for a poorly managed helpdesk.

  3. Create an FAQ – It is important to have FAQ’s on your website and encourage people to look in there before they open a new ticket about an issue they are having.

  4. Short but complete responses – Responses to the tickets should be brief but should cover all the queries a customer has asked. This means tickets should be read and understood well before responses are written. One of the KPA’s for your helpdesk agents should be the number of responses it takes to completely resolve a ticket – the lower the better.

  5. Limited Upselling Only – A lot of the companies use the helpdesk almost exclusively for upselling. Don’t forget, these people are already your customers, your best upsell to them is great customer support.

Customer support is a great way to connect with and keep your customers. The helpdesk is a great way to do it – use it well. If you have any questions about this, feel free to visit us at

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