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Outsourcing Support in times of COVID -19

Outsourcing Web Hosting Support: 6 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 is creating worldwide, businesses still need to find ways to operate and manage costs and resources efficiently. In the past, many businesses have turned to outsourcing to help keep operating costs down and keep business running around the clock, but onsite providers are struggling to adapt to the new normal and to keep up with the demand from world-wide customers. IT staff in the countries with the highest volume of support instances are finding it difficult to provide the same levels of support especially when working from home. Unstable internet connections or poor bandwidth pose challenges to the companies and most employees don’t have access to the necessary equipment and systems to do their jobs remotely.

To make it work, the infrastructure team needs to physically move or avail desktop computers to operate on dispersed and slower internet connections while maintaining cybersecurity with less-than-optimal networking environments—all in record time. That is not an easy task to accomplish.

I see lot of outsourcing companies are adopting below protocols to ensure uninterrupted support to the overseas companies.


  • Ensuring the readiness of the underlying infrastructure and upgrading it to boost reliability, speed and capacity
  • Providing reliable desktops, laptops, mobile devices and Wi-Fi access points for remote security and connectivity


  • Executing security protocols and measures (including for VPNs and dedicated VDI secure networks) to prevent transmission, unauthorized access or loss of sensitive data
  • Updated anti-virus for all the devices connected to the network


  • High-level support for employees working remotely to improve effectiveness and teamwork
  • Constant communications with employees to improve morale and provide timely information
  • Constant communications with customers, clients and partners to instill confidence in business operations and safety

Considering all above points, Aress’ Managed Services have long been prepared to work from anywhere without impact to security or availability. The team at Aress is able to be a steady force for companies that need to make rapid changes and adjust to working in a COVID-19 landscape.

Aress' managed services team was created to serve AWS and Azure clients. We are Microsoft Gold and AWS Standard Consulting Partner. We are 100% insured, staffed with great communicators, and ISO & ISMS Compliant. We work round-the-clock to provide you with the professional Managed Services you need right now to stay strong. When it comes to support, Aress is no doubt the first choice of many companies who want to outsource their support operations and stay worry free.

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