AWS Support Services

aws-badge-big Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a great cloud platform for businesses, which is why we provide you with an advanced, customized and reliable AWS support services program with quality.

Our 19 years of experience in management, technical support and operations helps as we provide 24×7x365 maintenance of servers, and end-to-end solutions. This helps our customer organizations to focus on their core business without worrying about their servers. We also help minimize downtime that is usually caused by server issues.

Our AWS support services are backed by a team of experienced AWS certified consultants. Our AWS cloud consulting and support services help maximize an organization’s investment in Amazon AWS Cloud, and thereby the value and benefit of its entire cloud IT infrastructure. Our consultants can assist in all phases of the IT systems management lifecycle: adoption, assessment and evaluation, compliance and customization.

How do we do?

We understand that every business is different, and therefore you will have specific needs from AWS. We offer services that are suited to both companies with an existing AWS estate and those that have never used AWS before, so no matter whether you are interested in migrating your current system over AWS or you already have a good understanding on AWS and are looking for additional expertise, our staff can provide you with a personal and customized solution.

We are always happy to discuss the different options available with you, providing our knowledge and in-depth background in hosting and infrastructure. We can then recommend a solution that is ideal for your needs and business goals, rather than one that takes you down a specific route where you might not have any prior knowledge.

We are helping several companies of varied size and IT landscape to Adopt, Migrate and Manage cloud services on AWS.

Our Wide Range of AWS Consulting Services

  • Architecting ServicesManaged Services
  • Architecting ServicesSecurity
  • Architecting Services Architecture
  • Architecting ServicesMigration
  • Architecting ServicesPerformance and Cost Optimization

Managed Services

  • Architecting Services

    Managing infrastructure in the cloud requires your full-time attention demanding your time, energy and resources. We enable businesses to realize the benefits of AWS cloud hosting through a complete range of managed services including outsourced AWS systems administration, AWS based network and storage solutions. We ensure that all our customers’ business operations are fully secure. We offer following services under AWS Managed services

    • Your AWS infrastructure administration
    • Deployment and configuration of applications on AWS
    • Infrastructure and application performance monitoring
    • Resolution of your AWS infrastructure related incidents
    • Your AWS account monitoring and management
    • Backup and disaster recovery


  • Architecting Services

    We understand the importance of sensitive data and security required for it is essential. AWS secures their cloud, but we need to secure our environment. Keeping this security in mind our experts will always ready to guide you because we care about your environment security. Our AWS security experts can help you build a secure AWS foundation as well as aid you in deploying and running sensitive systems in the cloud. We can build a secure AWS foundation to protect critical data and secure sensitive workloads. We can help you in,

    • AWS secure foundation
    • Security & compliance assessment
    • Security architecture
    • Vulnerability analysis
    • Security automation


  • Architecting Services

    We have certified Architects who know how to scale AWS. We can design and build a solution specific to your business needs. As technology evolves, we offer continuous improvement. Don't worry if you don't have the expertise to do that we can help you through your business journey. We help customers to make informed decisions about their architecture and understand the potential impact of those decisions. Our rich expertise while adopting cloud based IT infrastructure reduces the hassles of maintaining the hardware infrastructure and improves the application availability and reliability. Some of the key services offered are,

    • Application design and deployment on cloud servers
    • Migration from legacy infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure


  • Architecting Services

    With our proven methods, we reduce your risk of migration into the cloud. You don't need to go through that tough journey of transition between platforms and applications. We can help you to plan and manage successful migration into the cloud. We will ensure better customer experience and enhanced workflow collaboration. Our pre-defined cloud migration models will help your business to run smoothly. Our In-depth analysis will determine the cloud readiness of your company. Some of the highlights of our AWS Migration Consulting Services are,

    • Application and data migration from existing IT infrastructure to AWS cloud infrastructure
    • Flexibility in choosing programming models, languages, operating systems and databases already in use
    • Multiple storage options for data migration (examples – Amazon S3 for File servers, Amazon EC2 + EBS for commercial RDBMS, Amazon RDS for MySQL).
    • Envision & design the AWS platform to support the organization’s specific applications

Performance and Cost Optimization

  • Architecting Services

    We regularly analyze your environment for optimizing the performance and cost of your business. We know how to increase efficiency through optimized architecture. To gain maximum ROI you need to optimize AWS. We care for your business and with our experts we can help you with that. Your business depends on the security, availability, and performance of your applications and infrastructure. We offer the right people and experience to assure that your infrastructure is well-architected and managed. Our performance and cost optimization services include,

    • Cost review and analysis
    • Re-architect the design of the cloud servers and by right sizing instances/
    • Turning off or scheduling downtime for dev and test environments
    • AWS auto-scaling
    • Monitoring production workloads
    • Ongoing cost optimization

Our Expertise

We have a world class team with in-depth knowledge and expertise in leveraging the following AWS services:

  • Ellipse1Amazon EC2
  • Ellipse1Elastic Load Balancing
  • Ellipse1Amazon Lightsail
  • Ellipse1AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Ellipse1AWS Lambda
  • Ellipse1Amazon ECS
  • Ellipse1Amazon EKS
  • Ellipse1AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Ellipse1Amazon S3
  • Ellipse1Amazon Elastic Black Store
  • Ellipse1Amazon Elastic File System
  • Ellipse1Amazon Glacier
  • Ellipse1Amazon RDS Amazon
  • Ellipse1Amazon Elasticache
  • Ellipse1Amazon Aurora
  • Ellipse1Amazon DynamoDB
  • Ellipse1Amazon Redshift
  • Ellipse1Amazon Route 53
  • Ellipse1Amazon VPC
  • Ellipse1Amazon API Gateway
  • Ellipse1Amazon Cloudfront
  • Ellipse1AWS Identity and Access Management
  • Ellipse1AWS Key Management Service
  • Ellipse1Amazon Cognito
  • Ellipse1AWS Artifact
  • Ellipse1AWS Certificate Manager
  • Ellipse1AWS CloudHSM
  • Ellipse1AWS Directory Service
  • Ellipse1Amazon MQ
  • Ellipse1Amazon SNS
  • Ellipse1Amazon SQS
  • Ellipse1Amazon CloudWatch
  • Ellipse1AWS Auto Scaling
  • Ellipse1AWS CloudFormation
  • Ellipse1AWS Cloud Trail
  • Ellipse1AWS Command Line Interface
  • Ellipse1AWS Config
  • Ellipse1AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Ellipse1AWS Marketplace
  • Ellipse1AWS Cost Explorer
  • Ellipse1AWS Budgets
  • Ellipse1AWS Cost and Usage Report
  • Ellipse1Reserved Instance Reporting
  • Ellipse1Amazon Simple Email Service
  • Ellipse1Amazon Athena
  • Ellipse1Amazon CloudSearch
  • Ellipse1Amazon EMR
  • Ellipse1Amazon Kinesis
  • Ellipse1Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
  • Ellipse1Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
  • Ellipse1Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
  • Ellipse1Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Why Us?

Whether you are using basic AWS services or advanced AWS services. We know how to do it better. We offer:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Cloud Server Management & Server Support Services
  • Proactive & Reactive Server Management Services
  • Flexible & Tailor-made Support Plans
  • Minimal Response Time
  • AWS Certified Solution Architects
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrators
  • Agile Consulting Methodology
  • vmware
  • onapp
  • amazon web services
  • odin

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