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Application Support Services

In today's dynamic market, delivering excellent enterprise solutions is merely the table stakes. Exceptional support teams that elevate those solutions to world-class standards are the true differentiators driving success. Studies emphatically underscore the transformative power of cost-effective enterprise support, propelling products to unparalleled effectiveness.

At Aress, we champion the paramount importance of superior support services for organizational thriving. We embark on a deep understanding journey, immersing ourselves in your business domain, technology, processes, and applications. This profound knowledge informs the design of tailored support solutions that deliver exemplary service to your customers. Our business-centric approach leverages well-defined processes to flawlessly maintain and support even the most intricate systems and infrastructures.

Our 24x7 live online support empowers customers with immediate remote connections to their PCs. This virtual proximity enables our expert help desk technicians to troubleshoot desktop issues in real-time, as if they were physically present, requiring only an internet connection. Furthermore, our Application Support services provide you with a highly qualified and certified team of experts, alleviating the recruitment, training, and fulfillment burdens associated with establishing a world-class support ecosystem.

Our team of experience IT support agents provides remote assistance for basic troubleshooting issues, hardware issues and provides instant resolutions to IT applications, systems, products, and components, such as -

Microsoft Applications

Data Storage Solutions

eCommerce Application

Website Builder Tools

CRMs and Accounting Software

Our Processes


Support Escalation Structure

Tier 1 Support

  • Acts as the initial point of contact for all support incidents.
  • Efficiently gathers information and documents user issues through comprehensive trouble tickets.
  • Performs basic hardware and software troubleshooting to resolve common problems.
  • Escalates unresolved issues to Tier 2 Support for further investigation and resolution.

Tier 2 Support

  • Comprises experienced engineers equipped to handle complex hardware and software issues.
  • Analyzes escalated incidents from Tier 1 and conducts in-depth diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Collaborates with third-party (vendor) support engineers, when necessary, to leverage specialized expertise.
  • Implements advanced solutions and workarounds to resolve intricate problems.
  • Provides escalation path to internal specialists or product development teams for critical or persistent issues.

USPs of our Application Support Services

  • Minimizing Business Impact: response to production/sales emergencies to minimize disruptions and potential revenue loss.
  • Timely Resolution with Desktop Sharing: of desktop sharing applications like LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, TeamViewer, etc., for swift issue resolution.
  • Root Cause Analysis and Prevention: analysis to identify root causes and implement preventative measures.
  • Knowledge Repository Development: of a knowledge repository for process guidelines and stability.
  • Alignment with Service Level Agreements (SLAs): support processes in line with SLAs to ensure consistent service quality.
  • Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement: Proven Quality Assurance processes to enhance performance metrics and drive continuous improvements.
  • Leadership Team: Our team leaders and project managers excel in effective support delivery.
  • Multi-Technology Support: Expertise in supporting a wide range of technologies and systems.
  • Comprehensive Ticket Tracking and Reporting: Web-based issue reporting and status tools for end users for efficient tracking and reporting.

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