Data Storage Solutions

Most recently in this technology advancement data storage has become an important aspect of every business whether big or small. They need space to store all their files, audio-video files, messages, databases, scanned documents, and much more. These files are like backbone of every business and required to be kept secured. To decide the best product for your business will be mission critical decision. To choose the best one, our domain experts will help you to make this decision and will guide you to buy the best suited solution for your business.

How do you evaluate your storage requirements?
You should asses the storage needs that are required for data, applications and files. The next you should check where and how the data is to be accessed. Further to get you a clear idea of your requirement you must answer the following questions:

Age of your data?

  • How frequently the data needs to be accessible?
  • Of what locations do you require to access the data?
  • Which applications, modules produce the largest volume of files?
  • How many applications run on the server?
  • Answers to all above question will give you a brief understanding of your storage
  • requirements.

Storage Options
Enterprise data storage solutions manage large volumes of diverse types of data from diverse types of applications for many users. Today’s data storage world is only becoming more complicated and having the right data storage solution in place is not only critical for day-to-day operations but also critical to future growth. Let’s look at some trends in the marketplace.

To manage large volume of diverse types of data from various applications and product needs storage solutions that are appropriate for their needs. There are many options of storage from flash storage, software defined storage, and hybrid cloud storage. Here are insights of some storage solutions:

NAS and SAN (Primary Solutions)

Specialists of Aress technical support team helps clients in lessening many-sided quality and cost over their storing condition, upgrading information security and enhancing administration levels

Backup & Recovery

Backup of your important data is becoming more difficult when your business stars growing in terms of revenue and size. Our skilled technicians will help you in your backup and recovery Windows processes at an affordable cost.


We not only help you to back up your data, but we will help you to analyze your storage requirements and lower your storage and back up cost.

We understand how important your company’s data and thus we help you to protect them, we ensure that your data is available always for you with the help of our backup and recovery team. We will also give your consultation on what storage solutions you need to buy and from what vendors. We offer our customers flexibility in choosing solutions for both unmanaged and managed backups. Aress team would be always happy to discuss your Data Storage requirements, we are just a call away from you. Just call us and ask for our storage experts.

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