Microsoft Applications

Aress leverages their extensive experience in helping leading global corporations manage diverse Microsoft applications like,

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

Aress offers quick fixes, secure, manage and monitor to Microsoft Exchange servers. We are available 24/7/365 online for your help. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and our services are inline to the set standards of Microsoft. Just signup and get started instantly.

Online support 24/7
Our Exchange server experts will remotely login into an extremely secured connection to analyze and fix any issues related to your server. You can monitor every step that our experts are performing and be in touch with them in the real- time to seek any inputs/clarifications.

Support your server 24/7 without having to worry about hiring an Administrator. The owners of small to medium enterprises must offer attractive remuneration to find quality administrators and invest in costly tools to run their systems. Finding such administrators and tools when required is a widespread problem. Hiring a qualified admin for just handful of servers and investing in cutting edge tools is an expensive deal.

Aress offers a cost-effective alternative to having a full time Administrator. Aress provide comprehensive monitoring and administration services that will help you save and increase efficiency, and above all, keep your systems up and running without a hitch.

Here are some common tasks that they will do for you:

  • Installation of Exchange server
  • Migration of Exchange server
  • Maintenance and ongoing support

Under this service we integrate some additional products with Microsoft Exchange Servers and Microsoft Outlook. The process revolves around application installation and its integration with the Microsoft environment along with performance tuning.

  • Active Directory Management
  • Errors related to Exchange Server
  • Permission/Rights related to mailbox, public folders and calendar
  • Distributed list and Contact list problems
  • Managing Global Address List
  • Installing MS Outlook, MAPI, CDO, .net Framework and other prerequisites
  • Handling of Microsoft Outlook issues and handling of email issues
  • Antivirus installation and Configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Installation and troubleshooting of MSSQL server
  • Database management and optimization
  • Data backup and restore

Microsoft Dynamics

Aress is known for experts with proven track records. The fact that they consult giant and small businesses equally, on deployment of Dynamics daily, they have sharpened their skills to a level where they can solve the most complex of CRM issues.

We let you focus on business deals while we take care of the managerial tasks. Improve your marketing efficiency and cement your equity with customers by being there in the field with them. We’ll safeguard that the backend runs uninterrupted. Our assistances include application package selection, strategy, change management, implementation, and application management services.

Whether you are a sales person involved in organizing your sales process around Dynamics CRM, or a large organization wanting to migrate to the Dynamics CRM or Dynamics Online solution, our experts can help you get there.

Gain from our proficiency in Dynamics CRM. We help empower your company to manage costs more effectively and improve products and services by giving your employees the right tools to manage their work. We equip them to amplify the impact in each customer relations.

When adopting something as substantial and complex as a Dynamics CRM for acute function like customer relationship management, you need a partner who can help you extract the most out of it. It’s way more important than just a transactional one-off interaction with a vendor who deploys the tool for you. At Aress, we go the distance with you by providing post deployment 24×7 support.

We have helped thousands of businesses across 50+ countries streamline businesses using our cloud and hosting services. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in content, collaboration, and hosting.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool, but your need expert advice to keep it running to its full potential. Our Dynamics CRM team is here to help you implement your solution in the Cloud or on-premises. Here are some of the common tasks our technicians do for you:

  • Installation, Customization, and Configuration
  • Platform Modernization in Dynamics CRM
  • Sales Intelligence Planning and Development
  • Workflow Development and management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Data Cleansing, troubleshooting and system tuning
  • Application Development & Support
  • Integration & Migration
  • Extension or Add-On Development
  • Security Review
  • Post deployment support
  • Upgrades
  • XRM Development
  • Plug-in Development

Include us at any step in your Dynamics CRM implementation, from planning, design, and migration to post-deployment management and support. Get in touch with our sales team now!

Microsoft SharePoint

We apply our 10-year-long expertise in SharePoint consulting and development to provide organizations with timely and quality assistance and make their alliance with SharePoint long-lasting and effective. From basic technical inconsistencies to sophisticated adoption issues, we address SharePoint-related challenges to help comfpanies ensure their SharePoint solutions’ vitality and support a robust, secure and error-free collaboration ecosystem.

Aress streamlines your SharePoint application management processes for maximum efficiency and control, which is essential for any enterprise dealing with hundreds of applications spread over multiple locations.

With Aress you can review and maintain your business-critical systems. It helps you:

  • Maintain your SharePoint software solution by assessing your application environment.
  • Use its’ deep technical skills to deliver a comprehensive review of your solution architecture and deployment.
  • With best practices guidance to ensure that your SharePoint software solution runs smoothly.

Continuous Sharepoint Maintenance
Aress provides SharePoint maintenance services to those companies that don’t have dedicated human resources to continuously attend to their SharePoint solutions. We aim not only at keeping SharePoint solutions’ operability but also at making them apt and more powerful. Our team of SharePoint consultants, developers and administrators will assist you in:

  1. Timely update of the system (including the installation of service and feature packs) to guarantee its faultless performance, extend development capabilities and facilitate the platform’s support
  2. Security audits and installation of security patches to ensure protected working processes and collaboration
  3. Integration of SharePoint solutions with other enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, HRM, LMS, etc.)
  4. New custom features to make your SharePoint solutions more effective and attractive for end users, and more.

For proactive maintenance, we offer our SharePoint Health Check Service to timely monitor your SharePoint environment, detect existing performance and security gaps and fix them before they affect organizational processes.

Sharepoint Consulting Support
in addition to standard maintenance and support services, we also provide sharepoint consulting support to help our customers address complex issues that can’t be solved by in-house specialists, as well as align sharepoint with a business environment and organizational needs.

With a true consulting mindset backed with a rich practical experience, our team is ready to analyze your challenge and find the optimal solution, be it designing a hybrid SharePoint solution, migrating content databases full of sensitive information, or developing a custom SharePoint mobile app.

User Training Assistance
aress provides sharepoint training assistance to let organizations understand the platform, adopt it easily, as well as manage and use sharepoint solutions smartly. We offer dedicated training sessions for:

  • SharePoint administrators
  • SharePoint developers
  • End-users

During our training sessions, we not only explain the platform’s basics but also provide tips on facilitating SharePoint solution’s adoption, creating a collaboration-focused organizational culture and leveraging SharePoint’s non-standard capabilities, such as knowledge or innovation management.

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