Server Management

Aress Support Server Monitoring and Management Services will increase server uptime and will improve its reliability and stability.

Our Remote Server Management service includes 24x7 server monitoring, server health and other well-being checks. Our team of industry experts and certified engineers handle tasks like patch management, maintenance tasks, change management, performance management, fault management, backup & disaster recovery and security configurations. These checks are followed up with system reports and suggested course of action in the event of issues being reported. Every single technician of our server management team has a minimum of 5 years of experience in the hosting industry. Under this domain we focus on two vital areas :-

Proactive server management

Aress Support administrators proactive server management services differ from other server management companies. The strategy is to identify a risk which could cause a disaster on the server/network affecting hundreds of customers. We actively monitor your servers for potential problems, keeping your servers up-to-date with the latest security patches, and communicating effectively with you to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We work closely with your team to make sure you are informed of what is being done to your servers at any given moment.

We don't believe a client should ever have to tell us the problem. With our services we proactively ensure no problems arise in order to obtain the highest possible uptime each and every month. To achieve this, below are some monitoring and management processes followed by the support team:

  • System & Server Level Monitoring
  • Proactive Patch management
  • Robust Network Monitoring
  • Client Viewable Comprehensive Statistics
Reactive server management

Under Reactive server management the technician focuses on two main criteria:

  • Turnaround time in resolving an issue which has occurred and has affected a group of customers
  • Root cause analysis to prevent the occurrence of this issue

Most common scenarios:

  • Taking required action on the alerts that show up on the server monitoring tool
  • Resolving a service down or server down issue and its’ cause to avoid it from happening again
  • If a mail server IP is blacklisted for spamming, identify the spammer, take measures to stop spamming, request for IP removal from the blacklist
  • Monitoring CPU and memory usage in case of high load on server to identify the root cause and take necessary action

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