We provide support for website builders to help their novice customers (not only novice customer but others too) can build their own professional free Website easily.

Below is a list of all the services provided by us for Website Builder

  • Free Domains (offer custom domain for the website created / Customers can also buy a domain or link a domain to the created website)
  • Free Hosting (created website will be hosted on our secure and reliable servers)
  • Free Ad Credits
  • SEO and Marketing Help (created website will be ranked with all popular search engines with our powerful SEO tools)
  • Ecommerce (this will help customers to add and customize a store, add products and take payments)
  • Support (Email assistance and priority support changes for the three brands and the plans offered under each brand)
  • Social Integration (promoting the created website on social networking sites to drive traffic)
  • Templates (Number of templates available for the customer varies between the three brands)
  • Blog (keeping site updated)
  • Mobile website (Based on the plan)

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